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"As a customer, we have found QC Thermowells to be friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to thermowells and thermocouples. We discovered their products represent a good balance between value and price. We'll buy from them again."


"We have been dealing with QC Thermowells from the beginning and they have met our thermowell needs."


Welcome to Quality Control Thermowells!

You are probably aware of a number of different companies manufacturing thermowells. For the most part, thermowell and thermocouple products are very much the same. But at Quality Control Thermowells, we provide services that are not common to thermowell and thermocouple product producers, which sets us apart in the industry.

What We Do

Quality Control Thermowells produces high-quality thermowells, thermocouples, and other devices and parts. Quality Control Thermowells is known for personalized, friendly customer service, custom application machining, and for producing quality parts.


Quality Control Thermowells specializes in the design and manufacture of thermowells and accessories for the primary or detection elements of all types of temperature. The thermowell designs listed on this website and in our catalog are representative of the popular types and basic styles in use within the industry for protection of thermocouple elements. Special construction or modification of existing types are available upon special request.

We Are Unique

Our in-house machine shop capabilities enable us to meet almost any emergency need. In addition, we provide local and worldwide service in combination with a very competetive pricing structure. Find out for yourself why Quality Control Thermowells is unique from any other thermowell and/or thermocouple product manufacturer.